5 Ways of Dealing With Break Up

Did you know there are many ways of dealing with break up?  Some people go into a deep depression when their ex dumps them.  Others find a profound sense of freedom when they are de-coupled.  Most people fall somewhere in the middle.  They find that they are sad about the split, but can move on with their lives.  Here are five ways of dealing with break up.

1.       Get back on the market – fast.  Tell all of your friends that you’ve dumped the last loser and you’re looking for dates.  Go out with a wide variety of people and do a wide variety of activities.  Don’t expect to fall in love quickly when dealing with break up this way, but you will have a lot of fun.  Make sure that you’re not just masking sadness with a fake kind of giddy happiness though. 

2.       Reconnect with friends and family.  You probably spent less time with your friends and family when you were in an intense relationship.  After it is over, you may need to mend some of these ties.  Your family will probably be supportive, but expect that some of them will have come to see your ex as part of the family already and be disappointed by your decision to call it off.  Your friends, on the other hand, may be somewhat miffed that you haven’t spent as much time with them and now you want back in the “inner circle.”  Be prepared to put effort and love into the relationships with your friends and family.

3.       Take up old activities.  Sometimes when you are in a relationship, some of the things you enjoy doing take a backseat to things your ex enjoyed doing with you.  The break up gives you a chance to explore these activities again.  You may even find a new partner within the social activity so that you can incorporate it into a new romantic relationship.

4.       Dealing with breakup can be a great time to start a new activity.  If you have always wanted to water ski, there’s no time like the present.  By pushing yourself to try new activities, especially ones that scare you a bit, you push yourself beyond your boundaries.  This can be an opportunity for self growth.

5.       Mourn.  Don’t stay in this state for too long, but when dealing with breakup, you need to give yourself a chance to heal.  No matter who actually called it off, a split up is like cutting a piece of your body off.  You need time for the wounds to heal.  Allowing yourself to mourn can be a time for self growth.  Just be sure that you don’t stay in this place for too long.

Remember that there were good things about your ex and bad things.  Try to keep some perspective about the relationship.  Learn from it and move on.  Dealing with break up can be hard, but you can survive and thrive.

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