How To Choose Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

There are many different nicknames to call your boyfriend, if you want a nickname for him. The better thing to consider might be whether or not he wants a nickname. Some guys like nicknames, some guys don’t. And some of the nicknames to call your boyfriend will appeal to certain guys, and leave others feeling uncomfortable.

First of all, you shouldn’t feel pressured into even having a nickname for your guy if one doesn’t sort of spring up naturally. Just because all of your girlfriends have nicknames for their boyfriends, and talk about them with those names, doesn’t mean you have to have one, too.

Even if they use the nicknames when talking to the guys, that doesn’t mean that their relationship has something your relationship doesn’t. You can have just as close and loving of a relationship as someone who uses nicknames, even if you always call your boyfriend by his real name.

Some nicknames, in fact, might make you think the relationship must be special because she uses a nickname, but it’s hardly a personal thing. Some people always call their boyfriends honey, or sweetie, for instance. Those aren’t really nicknames to call your boyfriend as much as they are just terms of endearment, but they might be the only “nicknames” you’ll ever hears.

The best nicknames for your boyfriend are those names that come from within the relationship. Just because you think “pookie-butt” or “snugglyuggums” sound cute and special, doesn’t mean you should decide that one of those will your boyfriend’s nickname.

Most people who grow up with nicknames got them from something they did, like someone who’s always late being called Pokey, or someone who loves cars being called Wheels. Other nicknames come from a specific incident and a term that simply stuck, like a boy who once carried a grasshopper into the house in his pocket and scared his mother, being affectionately called Bug by his family.

Nicknames usually have those special stories behind them. So the nicknames to call your boyfriend will have more meaning for both of you if they sort of happen naturally. If you just decide that a name is to be his nickname, it might feel unnatural to use it, and he might not like it either.

Generic nicknames or terms of endearment can work very well, when there’s no situational or specific nickname that seems to fit your boyfriend. Like the honey or sweetie mentioned earlier, there is really no limit to the types of names like that you can use. Dear, baby, sweetheart, my man, and other terms can all be used.

Sometimes a couple seems to use one of those repeatedly and it becomes a sort of nickname for each other. She might always call him babe or even smile and call him stud, while he always calls her honey or darling.

Nicknames and terms of endearment should simply feel natural. Of all the nicknames to call your boyfriend, pick one that you find easy to say that he responds happily to.

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