Moving On - Break Up Situations Explained

Have you considered moving on?  Break up with your boyfriend and become single again.  Play the field.  Or, just spend time with yourself and your friends.  This article will explore the moving on – break up phase of your life.

How do you start moving on?  Break up with your boyfriend, of course.  Break ups don’t have to be dramatic affairs either.  You can simply say that you don’t think you are right for each other at this time in your life.  He may agree with you.  Or, he may hope for reconsideration.  But don’t reconcile.  Instead, go ahead and move on with your life.

It may be hard at first to fill the empty spaces left by the absence of your ex.  Your bed may feel empty.  You will have to eat alone some times.

There may be people who you considered friends that take his side.  So, be prepared to lose some people from your life as well.

But don’t despair.  If the relationship wasn’t meeting your needs, moving on break up is necessary.  It will give you a chance to reconnect with friends and family.  All too often, a boyfriend sucks time out of your life and the first to go are those you are otherwise closest too.

So, after a break up, get back together with your girlfriends.  Plan girls nights out.  Take a girls weekend to a spa resort, New York City, or even Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

Don’t worry if your friends are a little bit tentative at first.  If you’ve shunned them for your ex, they may be hesitant to take you back into their inner circle.  If this happens, proceed slowly.  Ask them to brunch and not a weekend away.

Spend time with your family too.  They may have hated your ex or they may have become close to him.  Whatever the case is, you need to reestablish your relationship with your family as a single woman rather than as part of a couple.  Use this time to explore what your relationship with each family member means to you.  Try to be loving and accepting of all of them.  You may find that the bonds are stronger after a moving on break up.

Usually in relationships, there are compromises.  Often, women give up things they really enjoy as a sacrifice to their romantic relationships.  If a guy doesn’t understand why your book circle is important to you, you give it up.  After a “moving on break up” you have the chance to take up your old interests once again.

But you also have the chance to explore new interests.  If you have always wanted to take Ballroom Dancing but never had the chance, go for it girl!  This is the time to explore what life has to offer you.

At some point, you will get back into a meaningful relationship.  At that point, you will want to have experienced the kind of self growth that makes the romantic relationship stronger than one you ever had before.  Use the time after a moving on break up to strengthen yourself so that your next relationship will be even better

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