Women On Dating What The Ladies Say About Relationships

Here’s the lowdown on women on dating.  Ladies like to talk a lot about a lot of things.  Guys, on the other hand, don’t tend to have heart to heart discussions with each other about their relationships.  A typical discussion might involve “how’s it going’?”  “Fine.”

Women are different.  They approach relationships – both with their female friends and with men – differently.  Here’s how women on dating goes.  This is an “inside” look for all of you guys out there who wonder what the gals really say when they are chatting among themselves.

1.       Will he commit?  Many women on dating wonder whether the man they’re seeing is in it for the long haul or just trying to get into her bed.  Is he ready to give up all other women – at least for the time being – to have a monogamous relationship with her?  Women dish on this subject more than any other. 

2.       Is he still interested?  Once they have got you on the hook, women want to know whether you have maintained your interest in them or if you have a wandering eye.  They’ll dissect every little mannerism and experience you have to try to figure out whether you are still interested.  In addition, what is an appreciative glance at an attractive woman will be interpreted as a chance that you’ll break up with her.  If you want her to know that you’re still interested, let her know frequently.  That will give her less to talk about with her friends.

3.       Can I get back together with my ex?  Both men and women ask this question after a break up.  The difference is that men ask it internally or to their best buddy only.  Women go on ad nauseum about whether – and how – to get an ex boyfriend back.  This is one of the biggest questions asked by women on dating.

4.       What does he see in her?  This is a question that women go on about in great detail.  If they see a woman who they think is “less attractive” than they are dating a guy they are interested in, they will wonder at great length what he sees in her.  More than a put down of the other woman, the women asking the question are insecure of their own basic desirability.

5.       Will he marry me?  Women tend to worry about finding a life partner more than men do.  There is more social pressure on women to settle down and get married, and the pressure starts at an earlier age for women than it does for men.  Further, women have a biological clock and feel that they will produce the healthiest children before they are 30.  Therefore, the question about whether a man will marry her is a real issue for women.

Remember that women talk to their friends more intensely than men talk to their friends.  Women are more likely to talk about their relationships than are men.  They have a lot more worries about the men in their life and they vocalize them to their girlfriends.  That’s why it is so important to understand women on dating.

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