Over Sixty Dating for Sexy Senior Citizens

When it comes to senior life these days, sixty isn't what it used to be thirty years ago. It seems that as time continues to march forward, those over the age of sixty aren't being left behind. More seniors are keeping themselves in great shape, and advances in medicine and nutrition mean people are living longer and more healthy than ever.

Senior citizens these days are more vital and vibrant than any of previous generations. So what if you're in the area of retirement age and you're looking for a mate? Over sixty dating can be a lot of fun and a totally rewarding experience.

Relationship expert and Internet author Wendell K. Cribbs reminds us that no matter what our age, dating and relationships are important to a healthy mental attitude and a rewarding personal life. We shouldn't allow nervousness and fear to keep us from developing healthy intimate relationships despite our age. Many of the fears seniors face when it comes to over sixty dating are fears that simply exist in their own minds.

"For people over sixty dating shouldn't be something to be afraid of," explained Cribbs. "In fact, dating for seniors can be a very exciting and fun experience. As we reach our senior years, many of the issues that face younger singles aren't nearly as significant or don't even exist at all. Things like career, family, plans for children and the like simply aren't as prominent. That means over sixty dating can be a lot more casual and a lot less restrictive with a lot less pressure".

Robert is a 66-year-old retired office manager who enjoys the over sixty dating scene, but that wasn't always the case for him. "I find dating at my age to be a lot more fun with a lot less pressure than when I was younger," he says. "Looking back on my life, I realize that I dated my wife exclusively for more than six years before we got married.

I remember that everything was just so serious for us at that time. We had a great life together, and when she passed away, I felt like I may just hide in my apartment and never go out with anyone again. That feeling lasted about six months, until some of my friends finally talked some sense into me. Then I just put aside all my fears and put myself out there".

Cribbs says Robert's situation isn't uncommon for those who are entering the over sixty dating scene for the first time. "Of course there is going to be a certain level of nervousness and trepidation when it comes to dating again," the expert says. "Despite the fact that senior age people have a lot of life experience behind them, often they've spent literally dozens of years in a long-term relationship or marriage".

So seniors looking to re-establish a potential loving and fulfilling personal relationship shouldn't be worried about entering the over sixty dating process. After all, your life is what you make of it, no matter what your age.

How To Save Your Marriage What The Experts Are Forgetting To Tell You

How to save your marriage: it’s the topic of dozens if not hundreds of self-help books, yet divorce seems to be as “popular” as ever? It’s not necessarily because the advice in those books is bunk, either. Usually it’s because, no matter how much good advice you get, there are some things about your approach to your marriage that need to change before you can even take advantage of those tips.

Rule out divorce!

If you’ve been talking about divorce, but neither of you really want it, banish all talk of it from your conversations. It’s not an option, so why are you even mentioning it? Some people tend to use the d-word as a threat, even though they never plan to carry through. The problem with that is the more often you bring up the subject, the more likely it is to become a reality.

Remember respect!

Can you remember your first few dates, when you hardly knew each other and were nervous just to be around each other? You said “please” and “thank you” and if any disagreements came up you patiently and politely resolved them? You don’t have to fall in love all over again (at least, not right this minute), but if you want to find out how to save your marriage, at least try to get back to that level of respect with each other. 

Accept that your spouse is imperfect!

When you’re newlyweds, it’s easy to ignore those annoying little habits your partner might have like leaving clothes on the floor or forgetting to fill the gas tank. After a few years living together, though, the irritation builds up and you start to wish your spouse would just stop it already. The next time your spouse does something that irritates you, consider whether it’s really all that serious. If not, let it go.

Stop criticizing!

Even if you’ve managed to accomplish the goal above, this one’s easier said than done. Once you’ve fallen into the habit, it takes some effort to stop, but try to avoid verbally attacking your spouse for doing something you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them know when something they do bothers you, but doing so in a non-judgmental way can make life a
lot easier.

Learn about the opposite gender!

No, sitting in the park and watching them walk by doesn’t count. I mean taking an open-minded approach to understanding the way the opposite gender typically approaches intimate relationships. You may think because you’ve been around them all your life you know them. But you might be surprised how what you learn can help you discover how to save your marriage. And if do you learn something that surprises you, don’t take some book’s word for it. Ask your spouse if that’s how they feel, too, and you just may hit a major revelation.

Figuring out how to save a marriage doesn’t have to be complicated, but you can’t rely on the free information you find on the Internet. Even self-help books written by professional marriage counselors leave out some of the fundamentals, so as you try to mend your marriage, make sure you start with a good foundation.

Creative Boyfriend Gifts Have Fun Making Him Happy

Creative boyfriend gifts can cost very little. It’s the time you spend finding the right idea for your boyfriend and then creating the gift or planning everything out that counts. You can’t put a price on creative boyfriend gifts you make from the heart.

While that pair of tickets to the latest rock concert is probably a great gift, it’s not always possible to spend that kind of money on a gift. But it’s always possible to do something nice and surprise your boyfriend with a meaningful gesture. Creative boyfriend gifts can really be as simple as a meaningful note.

A love note, a note of encouragement, or even a love letter written on feminine stationary and sprayed with your favorite perfume can be something that really makes his day special. You could even send it through the mail to make it extra special.

If you’d rather not wait, then let it stick out between the pages of his book or put it on top of the TV remote. Just be sure you leave where he’s certain to find it right away.

Some creative boyfriend gifts don’t cost much in anything but time. Bake him a batch of his favorite cookies and wrap them in a pretty ribbon. Make him a loaf of banana bread, or some cinnamon rolls, or whatever his favorite treat might be. You could even make his favorite dish and surprise him with an impromptu dinner.

His favorite meal along with a favorite dessert served by you, with candlelight, of course, is one of those great gifts everyone should love to receive. To make the evening extra special, buy a DVD he wants and wrap it up for you to watch after the meal.

For the movie lover, a movie-night basket is a great idea. Buy a couple DVDs you know he wants (or include a gift certificate for a movie rental) throw in a package or two of microwave popcorn or stovetop popcorn, a couple of boxes of movie-type candy, and a couple cans or bottles of soda pop.

You could also surprise him with a framed photo of the two of you together in a decorate frame. You can purchase blank frames in most craft or department stores. Decorate the frame in his favorite colors, or use your prettiest penmanship to write all around the edge about how special the moment was when you were photographed together.

A scrapbook of your couple pictures with notes like that after each picture is a great gift, too. Write about how much fun you had when the picture was taken, how wonderful he was that day, and anything else that you want to express.

Does he talk about learning to cook, paint, draw, swim or anything else?  Surprise him by paying for a lesson. Take a cooking or painting class together. Surprising him with a “how to draw” book and an assortment of drawing pencils. You’ll find the most creative boyfriend gifts are usually the most thoughtful. 

Know the Keys to Black Dating Success

For quite some time now, people of all ethnic backgrounds have relied on the old traditional ways as their first path to dating. This is as true of the black dating community as any other ethnic group. But some have wondered if singles in the African-American community have been as quick to embrace the latest in dating technology.

History tells us that many tight-knit ethnic groups such as those of Hispanic and African-American background are more reliant on traditions when it comes to meeting and finding a suitable mate for a long-term relationship. That means that meeting other singles who are new to the black dating scene can be difficult. However, these days there seems to be more of a push to get some of those whose backgrounds are more tied to tradition in dating, to accept the opportunity, to use the online medium to enhance their prospects.

There was a time when those of strong ethnic heritage might resist the idea of turning to technology to help their dating efforts, but times and technology have been changing more rapidly than some want to admit. While some in the black dating community may regret the change, others are looking at this as a change for the better.

Let's face it, whether you're new to black dating or not, choosing someone who is compatible with you is something that can be difficult and fraught with potential mistakes. Of course, online dating sites and new technology offering alternatives to black dating singles don't minimize the chance that someone will go wrong. We can say with fair certainty that meeting someone online is not necessarily easier than meeting people offline in the "real world."

But there seems to be one exception to the rule: those who have turned to online technology can at least be sure that the people they meet online are more than likely there because they've faced the same challenges. That point, at least, gives a potential relationship established online a leg up on the all-important "something in common" aspect of a new relationship.

Whether those who are active in the black dating community are turning more to tradition or more toward online dating opportunities, the same rules apply. Find other interested singles who are looking for a solid match, make sure you have things in common, get to know one another a bit before you start to actually date (in the online world, e-mails are a great way to get to know someone), and take care when you begin a new relationship.

In all of those ways, the black dating community is exactly the same as any other, but they also have the advantage of having a supportive, tradition-rich history to help lay a solid foundation for their new potential romance. So what is it that you're waiting for?

Make College Dating Safe And Fun

Dating at any time is meant to introduce you to lots of different kinds of people. College dating should have the same goal. College is a great time to date and meet others.

While college dating will give you great ideas about the person you may want to end up with for the long term, you definitely want to meet lots of people before you commit. College is the perfect time for this. With classes changing each semester and new living arrangements all the time, you meet lots of new people.

It's important to remember that dating doesn't need to mean sex or drinking. In fact, it shouldn't mean either of those things. You can't get to know someone if you're both impaired by alcohol.  Letting relationships be about sex also skews the emotional connections.

There are great ways to have fun dating in college without partying. Some of the best college dates are group dates. These allow you to get to know people in a casual atmosphere. They're low pressure, and can be great fun.

Try setting up a speed date. Get a group from your dorm or house or class. Have them each invite a date, or simply invite a bunch of others. Let them know it's a speed date.

One way to do it is to have a bunch of tables with a conversation idea at each table, one table for each couple. The girls sit at the tables, then the first partner sits down. They talk about their conversation starter for 10 minutes. A bell rings, and the guys rotate to the next table until you've met everyone.

At the end of the evening, you've met a bunch of new people. Have snacks or pizza after, and you can all socialize together. Find the person you found most interesting, and hang with them more.

Another way to organize the speed date is to have a bunch of different activities planned, like cooking, riding bikes, hiking, or eating fast food. For each activity, rotate partners.

To have a great group date, it usually takes nothing more than a great movie and a bunch of popcorn. Choose an old movie that will generate lots of laughs like a Cary Grant or Danny Kay film. Or you could try suspense one, like one by Orson Welles.

Choosing classic films helps get something that guys and girls will both enjoy. You don't want to scare the guys off with a chick flick. Still, most girls don't want to sit through a horror film, either.

Have a game night. Pull out a bunch of snacks and play something interactive like Catch Phrase, Pictionary, Twister, or Scattergories. Playing a game of tag football, ultimate Frisbee, or mini golf is another twist on game night.

If you want to ditch the group, movies are fine. But you'll get to know someone better by baking cookies together, seeing a play, or going mountain climbing.

Remember that the goal of college dating is to get to know lots of different kinds of people. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy your years at college.

Saving Marriage in a Culture of Throw Away Relationships

How do you go about saving marriage in a culture which values throw away relationships? 

There was a time, not too long ago, that marriage was considered a lifetime commitment.  While there were some downsides to this such as people having to endure a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse, there were also some benefits.  Marriage was a serious endeavor.  Marriage created stable families.  It was the foundation of society.

Now, every state except New York has some form of no fault divorce.  If one spouse wants out, all he or she has to do is say the word.  In most states, the partners are not even required to get counseling.  How do you go about saving marriage in this kind of environment?

First, you need to realize that a marriage can be saved, even if only one partner wants it.  However, if you are the one who wants to save the marriage, you need to realize that you are going to have to do most of the work.

I liken this to house cleaning.  Single women do more house work than single men.  That’s probably because women, in general, have a higher aversion to messiness.  So, when people get married, the woman is more likely to do the bulk of the house work.  That isn’t because it is her “job.”  It’s because she has the lower tolerance for the mess.

So, if you are the one who wants to save the marriage, you are going to have to do the heavy lifting.  Here’s how to go about saving marriage when yours is on the rocks:

1)       Recognize that your spouse had valid concerns when he or she asked for the divorce.  Work on addressing those concerns.

2)       Know that your spouse has a lot invested in the relationship.  Use that investment to rebuild the marriage.  Your spouse will probably have second thoughts about leaving from time to time.  Give him or her every reason to stay.

3)       Monitor your reaction.  Too many times, the spouse who doesn’t want to leave will badger the divorcing spouse to talk about the issues in the relationship.  But, sometimes your spouse needs emotional space.  If this is the case, respect his or her wishes.

4)       Lower your expectations.  Saving marriage requires that you don’t look for perfection in everything.  If he or she has flaws, now is not the time to point them out.  If they do things that get on your nerves, live with it.

5)       Have fun.  Saving marriage is a serious business.  But, if you make the repair process too intense, you will scare your spouse away.  Instead, suggest that you together do the things you both find fun.  When you can reconnect in the small ways, the big things will take care of themselves.

Finally, recognize that we live in a culture where saving marriage is not considered sophisticated.  But, you know deep down, that your marriage is the most important thing in your life and it is well worth saving.

Love Advice Relationship Problems Don’t Have To Be Hard To Solve

It’s one of the main topics of love advice: relationship problems. In fact, with all the tips and hints out there, you’d think solving problems in a relationship requires scientific formula you need a PhD to understand.

The reality is, though, when you catch problems early and use plenty of patience and fairness, there are only a few steps you need to take to get things straightened out.

Identify the cause

Sometimes the cause of trouble in a relationship is obvious. It might be problems with money, the kids, or a certain habit one of you has that really irks the other. A lot of the time, though, there’s just a niggling sense that something isn’t right. Maybe there’s less romance, less physical affection, and a feeling of growing apart. In cases like this, you’ll need to look a little deeper to figure out what the root of your problem really is. Knowing this will make it a lot easier to use love advice: relationship problems don’t all have the same cause.

Pick your battles

Give some serious thought to whether the problem is really worth bringing up. You may decide the fact that your partner routinely leaves wet towels on the floor or even occasionally pays a bill a day or two late isn’t something you want to rock the boat over. On the other hand, if something your partner does leaves you feeling hurt or rejected or is causing serious financial or social problems, it’s a good idea to bring the issue up. That way you won’t give resentment a chance to grow.

Time it right

If you’ve decided you really do need to talk about an issue, pick a good time (or at least not a really bad time). Just remember, when one of you is stressed out or tired is not a good time to start a discussion about a serious problem.

Don’t ambush your partner, either. Pouncing on them with a heavy issue just gives the conversation a confrontational edge from the outset. Instead of the old “We need to talk,” try something less confrontational like “Honey, do you have a couple minutes to talk about something?”

Be gentle

Winning is not be the goal here. The goal is improving—or in some cases, saving—the relationship. If one of you is impatient, harshly critical, insulting you both lose.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to talk to your partner like they’re a three-year-old. Just talk to them with the same level of respect you would

Although it may sound like “softy” love advice, relationship problems don’t generally improve when one partner is aggressive.

Accept your share of the blame

Over all, it’s better to focus on solving the problem rather than riding the “Who started it” merry-go-round. That said, you still need to accept that something about your own behavior may need to change, too. Listen to your partner’s side of the story with an open mind and be willing to negotiate fairly. Of course, you still need to keep your personal boundaries as far as not accepting physical or emotional abuse.

Although the steps above should help you work out most common problems, keep reading up on how to resolve conflict in your relationship so you’ll know how to handle any serious issues that may come along. When it comes to love advice, relationship problems are one of the hottest topics, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some good tips.

Strategies For Convincing A Spouse To Save A Marriage

When you’re partner seems minutes away from packing their bags—or you’re living separately already—convincing a spouse to save a marriage can seem next to impossible. If you take a step back from the situation, though, you can see that there are realistic options for changing the mind of a spouse who’s about to walk out. Here are some strategies that may just get your partner to come around.

Fake it ‘til you make it!

It’s a common strategy for business and other areas of social like, but acting “as if” can work for marriages, too. It works so well because how we act has a major influence both on how we feel and on how others see us. For a while, try forgetting that you have anything but a perfectly blissful marriage and treat your spouse accordingly. Now, that’s not going to be so easy if your partner’s still bitter and liable to pick a fight. Still, you can take advantage of those times when things are going well to try to see your spouse as the person you were deeply in love with when you decided to get married.

Be reasonable!

Whether you want you spouse to join you in marriage counseling or just try out a few tips you picked up from a book, you’ll have more success in winning them over if you don’t push. Threats, guilt trips, and begging are more likely to push your partner away than give you any success convincing a spouse to save a marriage. Instead, use a calm logical approach that taps into the underlying regard you spouse most likely still has for you or at least for the children. Statements like “With everything we’ve invested in each other, don’t you think it’s worth a try to save it?” or “Wouldn’t you rather be able to tell the kids we tried everything?” can help.

Address the problems!

When convincing a spouse to save a marriage, promises to change ring pretty hollow unless you can back them up. If you expect your spouse to believe you’re not going to repeat certain mistakes in the future, give them a real reason. This is especially important if you’ve had an affair or you’re struggling with an addiction. For instance, if you’ve started counseling to resolve an addiction that you’ve never dealt with before, your partner has a reason to believe things will get better.

Take care of yourself!

The stress and low mood marital problems naturally bring about can leave you feeling like you just don’t want to do anything. For your own sake, though, don’t give in to that feeling or you’ll only make yourself feel worse and drive your spouse farther away. Make sure you’re eating right, getting enough sleep, and not cutting corners on personal grooming. Stay on top of your responsibilities like finances and home maintenance.

Convincing a spouse to save a marriage isn’t always easy, but it can be done. The most important thing you need to do is stay calm, stay upbeat, and actively look for solutions to the problems between you. If you need more advice on convincing a spouse to save a marriage, most marriage counselors and professionally written self-help ebooks online can give you some tips.


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